Hi, I'm Eray.


I am an illustrator / graphic designer / animator based in Turkey.


I double majored Visual Communication Design @TOBB University of Economics and Technology, with a main major in English Language and Literature which I think feeds my art and design process. I love working with weird vibrant colors and having a textury feel in my illustration work.

When I'm not working, you could catch me looking for inspiration for a new work or jamming on Ableton. I also love cold winter weather, hugging dogs and film photography.

Feel free to shoot me a line for any inquiries for commisioned work :)


- Light Grey Art Lab Senior Show 2020, May 2020 (Minneapolis, MN Online) 

- Dream Gigs Illustrated Group Exhibit @ICAF, October 2019 (TR)

- Illustrators Platform Group Exhibit @BMKM December, 2019 (TR)

- Illustrators Platform Group Exhibit @MA Gallery January, 2020 (TR)


Though I define myself multi-disciplinary and love to work on and learn about new fields, I mostly do branding, graphic design, illustration and animation. I worked with clients such as Sakıp Sabancı Museum, Plutote, Growth Vikings, Cello Society etc.

CV available upon request.

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