Dream Gigs Illustrated is a series of gig posters by an ever growing group of artists. Imaginary gigs that never happened, missed gigs because of time and place, gigs that are experienced first hand and have left their mark...

It’s up to the artist to decide. The possibilities are endless.

Florence and the Machine at Ancient Ephesus City was the first idea that came up when I first heard about the project. The band and of course Florence herself always manages to radiate a dreamy, mystical vibe when they start playing. I think it would be amazing to see a concert that takes place in an ancient place like this, surrounded by the forest, starting from dusk until dawn.

This kind of setting reminds me of the magical festivals that were held for Dionysus back in the Ancient Greece where the satyrs and fairies would join in. As I was working on the poster I saw that they actually gave a concert at Odeon of Herodes Atticus in Greece recently. So this 'dream gig' was almost accomplished!