While building a concept for "Sleeping in Berlin" album artwork, what inspired me most was basically the Berlin itself. Listening to the song as well, it reminded me of the way back home on the train in the morning after a long night of raving. One of the quirkiest things among the others about the city for me was seeing the Molecule Man standing in the Spree during anytime of the day. So I thought, it would be cool to play with the concept of the statue. 


Their idleness and inertia always reminded me of a state of limbo. As my journey of coming back to reality overlapped with the moments I came across the sculpture many times, I wanted to break them out of their frozen position and let them fall back into the reality, which I portrayed through a composition that depicts them while they are falling from sky.

To seperate the "Molecule Men" from their statue and falling status', I designed a plastic sleeve, on which the holes that represent the statue are screenprinted. Thus, it both gives the album dynamism and lets the ones viewing it have two alternate narrations about the story of the cover art.

Legal Disclaimer

This is a personal project that was made without any commercial intentions.

No copyright infringement intended.